Dating a police officer forums

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State Police, Inspector State Fair, Milwaukee, had announced that after a lapse dating back to pre-war years. It's the friends you can call at 4: Hope you enjoy. Last edited by Nobody ; I met this When last week, he knew who I was dating. Mar 31, I see that here too - law enforcement of various types we have sheriff, police, federal My brother is a cop, and he's dating a kinder teacher.

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They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part. My cousin had to leave the state and start over telling no one where she went ,except her family. Just keep it in mind, is all I'm suggesting. It's kind of like sticking it to the man, or this case, the woman. My concern would be that cops are usually around all kinds of people, including women, who could have not the best intentions. Its not the profession you look at its how anyone you would date behaves,what they think, what's important to them.

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Of course, in relation to the thread, I am not him, but if I were the person on the opposite side of the coin, the civilian, that is perhaps a factor the wise person should consider.

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Dating a police officer forums

It is free and quick. I've dated two LEOs. I dated a city cop once and he told me when new recruits arrived, they'd put a box of condoms in their lockers as a welcome to the fold gesture. Minimize all noise. Also, some cops are arrogant and full of themselves, and that would be my second concern. I do know that there are times when he does not want to talk about work and that there are times when I should not ask questions. Next to that, a police NYC street cop.

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dating a police officer forums
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dating a police officer forums
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Everyone looked like a criminal or a fugitive or a potential gang member. I've worked very closely with an awful lot of police officers over the years, and one observation that I've made is that few jobs have the capacity to change someone as much as being a police officer. Wife stands for Washing Ironing Food Entertainment. One pulled me over and gave me attitude for half an hour while my son was crying in the back seat. Last edited by Nobody ;

dating a police officer forums
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