Dating old radios

Most s tubes had glass envelopes and large bakelite bases with four or five pins. Magic of the Air. I do not have any information on antique radios, television or TV, stereo or stereophonic systems, vintage music system, or turntables. Your phono pickup probably uses a crystal cartridge, and it is no good. Master Crafters.

Conelrad CD markings on the AM dial at and kilohertz indicate that the radio was made between and US Labs. The availability of the first mass-produced plastic Bakelite allowed designers much more creativity in cabinet styling, and significantly reduced costs. Wooden cabinets were used during all periods from the s to the present. Mirror Tone. By the s, reduced prices and an increase in desire for portability made them very popular. Early TRF sets only operated headphonesbut by the mids it was more common to use additional amplification to power a loudspeakerdespite the expense.

Now there are dozens, with more appearing all the time.

50 Dating Old Radios By Their Tube Complement p2

Hotel Radio Corp. Radio Labs R. Eveready US. TRF sets used no regenerationand were merely several stages typically three of tuned RF amplifiers in series feeding a detector tube which extracted the audio intelligence from the RF signal. Many cheap and common radios are omitted from books and websites because there's nothing interesting to say about them. What is wrong?

Antique radio

Transistor radios appeared on the market inbut at a high price. Ferguson UK. Radio Products Corp. Model numbers are often printed on a paper label attached to the back, inside, or bottom of the radio cabinet. US Television. We're on FaceBook! For the reasons explained earlier, it's quite common to check the collector books and find that your radio is not listed.


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