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Keep in mind that some people may not want you to play with their breasts. Vanessa says: I think these moves are okay, as long as you know the person allot and are friends or whatever, or maybe you have gone out more then once. Nipples are sort of like clitorises: How to Give an Incredible Massage. And at the same time, move your hand smoothly and rather quickly higher up inside her shirt. This should be natural.

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With one hand on her lower back, bring down the other hand from under her breast and place it on her belly near her midriff. That'll help build anticipation and leave her wanting more. Similarly, if she's pregnant, nursing, or on her period, her nipples will be tender. If you sense that she might like it rough, ask, "Do you want more? Bonus points if it's the kind attached to a squirt bottle, so you can also treat her melons to a gentle misting.

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Rose says:

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Send This To Your Guy: Wacky Ways to Pleasure Boobs

Twiddling her nips like they're old-school radio dials just isn't going to cut it. Some women can even have orgasms from breast play alone. Guys love it when they see breasts bob up and down as you walk, shake as you move, and bounce when you jump. Men love it when a woman does not wear a bra because then they see her breasts moving freely. Some guys have a size preference when it comes to breasts, but there are those who do not care about that because they simply love breasts.

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ladies touching boobs moving
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ladies touching boobs moving
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15 Secret Reasons Why Guys Absolutely Love Your Breasts

After a few minutes of kissing and hand moving, gently move your hand over her bra. Don't Miss this! A minute or so after placing your hand over her bra, move your hand an inch or so upwards. So why are men so attracted to breasts? Like, you know, this: Breasts Lead to Second Base. Incredible moment water being poured over ice instantly freezes.

ladies touching boobs moving
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