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The Vampire Diaries Characters. Elena stepped in, leading Vicki to attack her. Tell Matty I love him. She was seen dressed in mostly dark colored clothes and some that were revealing. Vicki makes a return to Mystic Falls after she came out of hell during the same time as Cade and Kai. Vicki found the high from Damon's blood was as addictive as drugs and then they feed off of each others blood.

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After that, Vicki asked Tyler to take her to the town's annual Founders Partyand Jeremy reminded her that Tyler treated her like trash. At 10pm Vicki rings the bell one final time and the hellfire takes her out. Vicki loses control of her bloodlust. Vicki after being staked Damon erased Jeremy's memory of the incident at Elena's request, and making him believe that Vicki left town forever. When they are finally reunited, Vicki warns Matt to go back to his body as something bad was happening on the Other Side. This left both Elena and Jeremy grief-stricken.

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At the end of the episode, Vicki appeared to Matt yet again, this time while he's alive.

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Vicki Donovan

The Vampire Diaries Characters. Vicki then appears and tells him via Bonnie that he loves him and always watching over him and to stop having sex with "that blonde Original chick". Tell Matty I love him. Vicki Donovan is a former main character in The Vampire Diaries. She is Matt Donovan 's older sister and the first character who becomes a vampire after the Salvatore brothers returned to Mystic Falls. Do you like this video? To communicate with her, Matt jumps in the pool with weights tied around his waist.

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the vampire diaries vicky nackt
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After living at the Gilbert House with Jeremy for over three days, Vicki stole Elena's pain pills that she received from the car accident and began to crush them up. Anna appears straight after, telling Jeremy not to trust Vicki. Her brother Matt was relieved to see her and invited her in. Retrieved from " https: Jeremy started to feel that all they were ever doing was getting high and then she told him that he had better not be like those guys that, after they're together, tried to change everything about her. She was Matt Donovan 's older sister and the first character to become a vampire after the Salvatore brothers returned to Mystic Falls. Main Characters.

the vampire diaries vicky nackt
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