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Back Door Silicone Lubricant. Share Tweet Pin it Fancy Add. Gay Rim Job Guide: It also gives you complete control over the amount of lube you are using, again, saving you a little money over time. So what are the best anal lubes? Like Pjur's bottle, Wet's bottle runs into similar troubles with slipperiness as well as more-than-occasional leaks. We use shea butter as an anal lube, and it allows my boyfriend to easily penetrate my anus, my rectum, and part of my colon.

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It packs all of the same long-lasting, mind-bendingly slippery punch of it's counterpart while being far less greasy with a nice light consistency for an oil-based lube. Also I recommend water-based lubricants as they have less chemicals and are primarily made of water. Check out our full Swiss Navy Water based lube review here. Some ob-gyns also say the thick nature of coconut oil could make women more prone to yeast infections if used as a vaginal lubricant, so perhaps it's best to just stick to it for anal lube. For whatever reason this only happens once it stops being manipulated during sex, so it still has the longevity typical of silicone based lubricants. Cleanstream Relax Desensitizing Anal Lube. Close search.

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Slow and steady, fellas.

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These Lubes Will Make Anal Sex SO Much Better

And males should want the same for their partners, I've always said that sex is a team sport and you should always be looking out for your teammates. Would you recommend the Maximus or is there any lube you would recommend? You guessed it! As per usual, it is completely non staining to boot. Sometimes bottle leaks Difficult to clean.

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The 2018 Ultimate List for the BEST Anal Lubes

Oil-based lubes aren't typically the most popular choice for anal sex because they'll wreck condoms and damage most toys. Elbow Grease. Oil lubes won't wash away with water or saliva. It will literally apply a generous amount of lubricant deep inside, making preparation extremely easy and without obstructions. Easy On Skin - It's very rare for silicone lubes to cause allergic reactions or irritation to sensitive skin.

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