6 Ways to Make Websites More Attractive and Unique

Websites  photoIt is no time anymore to have a website of the same or similar to other websites. In line with the rapid changing times, trends in internet marketing is also rapidly changing. To communicate effectively in a growing market, you should be able to create a unique idea that can be implemented effectively. Yes, for the viability of your business, it is very important to have a website that is interesting and unique to make it look more professional.

You have to offer something different, something that makes your website stand out so that other people want to visit your website and get an impression while on your website (UX). When being unique, your website should also provide value, if you do not want to bother, hire a professional person to help you create the best website for your business.
This Berikuti some trends emerging in the world of web designers who can certainly make your website could be more unique and interesting.
1. Adaptive / Responsive Web Design
The world today is now the most important approaches for the website is responsive design. This will allow your website to look and function well on mobile devices, tablets, and various types of computers. The fundamental approach is limited to two versions of the same site, including mobile and desktop, whereas this new adaptive features can automatically fit the screen size and functionality on any device. Here’s an example of how to Create a Website Portfolio Responsive with CSS3 and Jquery that you can follow.

2. Typography
Today typography is an important part of web design. Fonts Verdana and Arial have long been obsolete, but that use is still very much. Now using a unique font and creative design is very important. Because typography merupakana important element of any website design, you need to consider all your options and smart in selecting an attractive font.
Websites such as Google Fonts and Typekit may help you in choosing the font, so a lot of options there. Typography is one of the key elements to create a unique website, so do not ignore the trend and ease of use of the current font.

3. Fixed Menus & Content
Fixed menu (the menu with a fixed position when in scroll) and fixed content has become a trend that is very popular today. This function is used on a menu or button, usually the main navigation to remain in place when you scroll the page (scroll page). This improves the usability (usability) of the navigation items or social media buttons that are always available no matter where you are on a particular page.
Meanwhile, Parallax technology can also be implemented in web design to add depth and create a 3D effect. Parallax works with both the mobile device. Parallax is also a good choice for a micro website.

4. Avoid complex designs, Select Minimalist
Minimal website design helps you get rid of the unnecessary elements of the site. A simple yet creative design but clever and usually more effective in providing detailed information without any hindrance. Restrict color and text and only create a unique layout and intelligent that represent the core features of your website will certainly add value to your website, make your website appear more assertive without rambling like most yanga website today.

5. Start Avoid Flash
As we know, Adobe Flash used to be the standard in making interactions and animations on websites. That was then, however, CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript is currently a smarter choice to give your website a more dynamic experience. So if you want to add animation to your website, search on google and you will definitely find plugins javascript / jquery that can petrify you make more functionality to it.

6. Background Full Page and Image Quality
Using a full-page background can give your audience a better view experience. Using high-quality images and artwork are undoubtedly can make your website a place meyenangkan to the eye. Organizing smart and authentic pictures in the gallery and your portfolio will also enrich the value of your website. Second after the typography, high-quality images is critical to creating a website that are designed with good and unique.
Furthermore, a trend that is effective skeumorphism create the impression of visiting a website to be like real-world experience. Skeumorph makes pictures look exactly like the real thing. So, whatever your product, use skeumorphism will add up to make the online experience more realistic.