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Zelda's Secret Diary -: Zelda felt her body tense up in that moment, the bliss she had awaited overtook her with a force that broke her pleasure-levels, releasing her orgasm as Link kept plunging himself into her, his manhood coated with the juices of a satisfied woman. Tetra's more than happy to have a man like Link all to herself, but when she takes the time to flaunt her relationship with her fabled hero, they can't help but become a local legend in more ways than one. LiquidPhazon -: Arising from his hunched over position over the desk, he arched back into his seat and stretched his arms when there was a heavy knock on the door. The Last Airbender Avatar:

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Link moaned softly into her mouth, eager to return the lustful kisses to his beloved Zelda. Zelda grabbed it, and with Link temporarily stopping, she guided it to her entrance before he plunged it in with a single thrust, deep. Ruptured Universe Halos in Space Haloween: September 13, 1: Waiting for her, Link cautiously removes his combat greaves, careful to not touch the numerous ruby abrasions on his thighs and calves, and sets them on a carrier for the handmaidens to wash. He reached out and grabbed a handful of her brown locks, pulling her hair as he continued his merciless fucking of her cunt, as she screamed out in the pleasure of the lewd act. Opinions stated in profiles of users may not reflect the opinions or views of Adult-FanFiction.

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Link put his shoes on as fast as he could, as the Deku Tree has never summoned him specifically before.

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The Legend Of Zelda Fan Fiction ❯ Milk & Honey

His hand, firmly on his member, worked it till its last overdrive of skinship as he groaned, his seed spurting down onto Zelda's perky, ample chest in ropes, splattered across them before he fell to the side, exhausted. The Great Fairy The wind kept blowing north, its cool, fresh breeze swept over the land and cities. Terms of Service. August 5, Link's brow furrows as Zelda runs and grabs the Master Sword, leaning inside an archway, and then rushes behind her changing curtain at the corner of the room.

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legend of zelda erotica
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legend of zelda erotica
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Endgame -: Just In All Stories: Her tongue licked the sensitive head of the member as she slowly gave it soft strokes whilst Link occupied himself at spreading her lower lips apart, marvelling still at the lush, pink colour as he dipped a finger, and a second one, along with his tongue. Net Adult-FanFiction. Take me. All while jerking him off simultaneously with kinky smirks upon their lips.

legend of zelda erotica
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